200sqm interactive LED floor for theme park


200sqm outdoor 3.9mm interactive LED floor screen has been installed in one of the theme parks in Shenzhen, which has become a popular play zone for visitors, especially for children.

This LED floor screen made with 16m diameter, built-in optical sensors and multi-touch design ensuring quick and accurate sensor response, ensuring people to have real-time interactive experience whether there is 1 or 1000 people on the LED floor screen; Both front and rear of the LED floor tiles are IP65 rating, fully water and dust proof for outdoor tough working environment; Robust panel design, over 2000kg/sqm weight capacity.

led floor led walls

There are indoor and outdoor interactive LED floors available for rental and permanent installations, which has been widely used for theme parks, city squares, shopping malls, immersive spaces, museum, showrooms, fashion shows, TV studios, theaters, night clubs, retail stores, exhibition centers, trade shows, concert tours etc.