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The LED displays have been exported to over 80 countries worldwide, following are some of the reference cases.


XR LED display for filming and TV productions


LED panels have been proved to be an ideal solution for virtual production on filming and TV programs, immersive and high dynamic stage backgrounds are available simply ……

200sqm outdoor interactive LED floor for theme park


200sqm outdoor 3.9mm interactive LED floor screen has been installed in one of the theme parks in Shenzhen, which has become a popular play zone for visitors, especially ……

1.25mm indoor curved LED display for TV studio


A indoor 1.25mm curved LED display was made for TV studio, with 12m wide and 3.0375m high screen size, and 9600×2430 ultra high definition, unique curve design ensuring ……

5000 square meters flexible LED mesh screen for sport events


5000 square meters 55mm flexible LED mesh screen has been used for opening ceremony of The 2nd Youth Games of the People’s Republic of China, which held in Shanxi sport center……


How we want to be treated as a customer is how we approach you as a client.

Ledcoms is professional LED display manufacturer and solution provider based in Shenzhen, China, focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and pre-to-after sales service of LED displays. Over 20 R&D engineers and technicians for design, quality control and pre-to-after sales service, 200 skilled staffs, 6000sqm manufacturing base.

The management team has been working in LED display industry since 2009, rich experience on design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales and service enable us work out professional solutions for each of your specific project.

The products including fine pitch LED display, ultra slim led video wall, indoor and outdoor front accessed LED video wall, 3D LED display, LED floor, flexible LED mesh, XR and filming LED display, which have been widely used for conference rooms, command and control centers, TV studios, concert tours, retail stores, showrooms, airports, city squares, commercial streets, museums, gaming, rental and staging, immersive spaces, churches, exhibition center, bus stations, sports centers, wedding parties, festivals, nigh clubs, theme parks, auto shows, children’s area, theaters, play zones, fashion shows, product launches, shopping malls etc. Besides, customized design also available like irregular shaped displays, LED spheres, letter displays, LED domes, triangle LED displays, hexagon LED displays etc.

The products have been exported to over 80 countries like Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, UK, US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Lebanon, Israel, Bahrain, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.