1.25mm indoor curved LED display


A indoor 1.25mm curved LED display was made for TV studio, with 12m wide and 3.0375m high screen size, and 9600×2430 ultra high definition, unique curve design ensuring smooth inner curve without gaps between horizontal or vertical panels, the seamless images create great visual impact for live broadcast.

1.25mm indoor LED screen is made with 600×337.5mm die-casting aluminum panel, exactly 16:9 ratio, easy to form 2K, 4K, 8K screen. Dot-to-dot calibration ensuring excellent color uniformity, plus 16 bit grey scale, true color images could be achieved with rich color depth; Besides curve design, right angle panel is also available for creative applications; Fully front access, both installation and service can be made from front of the screen, overall installation depth for direct wall mounted is less than 65mm.

command and control center

Besides 1.25mm, there are also 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm indoor high definition LED screen for indoor applications like TV studios, shopping malls, fashion stores, conference rooms, hotels, showrooms, exhibition centers, retail stores, museums, command and control centers, monitoring rooms, sports centers, training rooms etc.