LED grid screen | Soft LED Screen advantages

1. The transparent design of the LED grid screen, the air permeability of 20%-50% does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen, and has strong wind resistance, effectively reducing wind load, and the flexible LED grid further reduces LED light. The strength and weight of the basic structure of the display screen can also be installed in the glass curtain wall of the building.

2. The soft LED screen is light in weight and adopts a hollow design. Compared with the traditional LED display cabinet, there is no fixed size of the cabinet. Taking Witham Zebra outdoor P15.625 grid screen as an example, the weight per square meter is only 20 Kilogram, which is one third of the weight of the traditional LED outdoor screen box.

3. The flexible LED mesh display has no steel structure, and the flexible LED curtain adopts the principle of assembling a large screen with modules, which does not require any steel structure to build. The flexible LED curtain can complete the disassembly and assembly of the large screen with a single module, and the size can be customized according to customers. , to achieve the fastest installation, the LED grid screen adopts the most advanced U-shaped aluminum installation parts, which ensures the integration of the outdoor wall and the LED display screen to the greatest extent.

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4. Foldable LED curtains do not need air conditioning. Insufficient heat dissipation of traditional LED displays will lead to screen failures. Similar problems can be avoided in the application of foldable LED nets. Because of the advantages of permeability, wind and other natural causes are Avoidable and works fine in extremely cold weather like Russia.

5. The foldable LED screen is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, no auxiliary cooling equipment is required, no noise, and low power consumption. The module composed of each LED light bar is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surrounding is transparent, so it can achieve good self-heating. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the luminescent material, and there is no need to build a special cooling system like the traditional foldable LED screen.

6. High protection level of foldable LED screen display: brushed aluminum shell, imported silica gel secondary potting + light bar cover on the front, imported high and low temperature waterproof wire, professional waterproof connector, to create a fully sealed waterproof structure, foldable LED mesh The shape display part can achieve the highest protection level IP68, which is especially suitable for the display screen built by the riverside.