LED transparent screen application of in bar

In recent years, with the continuous development of LED display technology, the market share of various creative LED display products is expanding, and their application scenarios and display effects are also more diverse. The most eye-catching is undoubtedly the LED transparent screen in the bar Applications.

As synonymous with fashion pioneers, bars spare no effort in the pursuit of coolness and personalization. In terms of display effect, traditional LED rental screens can no longer meet people’s increasingly developing creative display needs. The traditional box-type cloth makes the installation location of lights extremely limited. There will be a lack of atmospheric light and ambient light on the stage, and the scene atmosphere is not harmonious enough to present. A perfect stage effect.

bar creative transparent electronic screen

The appearance of the LED transparent screen makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional LED display screen. It can be built according to the diversification of the bar stage shape, and the screen is hung at will to show the stage frame and the overall depth of the frame. LED transparent screen products have the advantages of transparency, thinness and rich colors. It is not easy to block the projection of lighting effects. It is basically invisible when not in use. The bar stage can make the depth of field of the whole picture longer, and at the same time leave space for the suspension and playback of lights, which can render a certain atmosphere and dynamic to the whole stage, and can better express the theme.

At the same time, equivalent to conventional LED screens, LED transparent screens are easier to achieve various creative shapes, such as spheres, triangles, diamonds, etc. Owners can customize according to their actual needs, differentiate management, design different theme styles and festival themes, create a landmark bar scene in the city, provide customers with a better experience, enhance the image of the bar to attract customers, and increase operating profits. .

In the era of fierce competition in display technology, transparent display technology has been further improved. From the initial simple design to the perfect cooperation between the LED transparent screen and the bar stage and lighting, the application of LED transparent screen in the bar has become more and more mature and more brilliant, and it has also set off a wave of transparent screen applications in the bar industry. Cool trend, we will see more applications of transparent screens in bars in the future.