Special shaped LED screen common 5 types features

The biggest difference between the special-shaped LED screen and the ordinary screen is the shape. It can be spherical, grid and other irregular shapes, which can better adapt to the use environment, and its unique shape makes people look very pleasing. The following is a brief analysis of the characteristics of 5 types of special-shaped LED display screens commonly found in the market:

1. LED spherical screen

(1) The spherical LED screen is designed with an all-aluminum structure, which is very sturdy and durable. At the same time, it can be designed in a mobile form, which is convenient to carry, and can also be hoisted and seated.

(2) 360° full viewing angle, play video in all directions, you can feel good visual effects from any angle, and there is no plane viewing angle problem.

(3) It can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, the minimum diameter is 1 meter, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. At the same time, the spherical surface is completely completed by numerical control, and the precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED spherical screen, making the spherical shape appear regular and perfect.

2. led floor tile screen

(1) Using SMD5050 surface mount three-in-one lamp design, with ultra-wide viewing angle and better flatness:

(2) Lightweight and ultra-thin screen design, the total weight of the box is only 1.5KG, and the thickness is only 65mm.

(3) The synchronous adjustment of screen color and brightness makes the screen display delicate and realistic color performance;

(4) High contrast, high refresh rate design, no delay smear phenomenon when presenting patterns;

(5) Compatible with multi-signal source input, such as AV, S-VIDEO, VGA, VPBRR, HDMI, SDI, etc.;

(6) The professional packaging and protection of the air box plays a good role in protecting the leased control equipment;

(7) It is made of high-strength PC mask, which can weigh 1.5 tons,

(8) Each pixel is separated from each other by a PC mask to prevent scattering.

3. led rolling screen

(1) The unique and novel structural design can realize the change of any curved surface of the screen body up and down, left and right, and meet the needs of various irregular real surfaces.

(2) The screen body can be changed up and down along any curved surface, and can be rolled up 360 degrees.

(3) The screen body can be folded and bent at 90 degrees left and right

(4) It is placed on the top (and can be adjusted according to the actual situation), and the layout of the upper and lower lines makes the whole screen look orderly.

(5) All parts of the screen body are made of open-molded plastic shell, which not only ensures high precision, but also realizes the ultra-thin and ultra-light screen body.

(6) Using vacuum polymer nanotechnology to pour glue to achieve outdoor waterproof level.

(7) The screen is light and easy to install, mainly suitable for rental places

4. led grating screen

(1) Aluminum light bar, no box, frame connection, the whole display part is ultra-thin;

(2) The unique shutter design can significantly improve the contrast of the screen without affecting the lighting and ventilation of the merchants, and the wind resistance is small;

(3) The unique inclination angle design makes the visual effect better and the angular inclination consistency of the mold-opening structural parts is good;

(4) The modular design is adopted, which is convenient and quick to assemble; the weight is only one-third of the traditional display screen;

(5) It is produced according to the standard parts of the grating display screen, with high versatility, plug-in connection, and simple maintenance;

(6) The fully sealed design of the light bar and control box is rain-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof and salt-fog proof, and supports all-weather working environment

5. led grid screen

(1) In order to ensure sufficient brightness of the pixel points of the outdoor reality project, the front of the module is potted with silicone for waterproof treatment. The color of the silicone can meet the engineering requirements, and the color card is specially matched to make it perfectly coordinated with the color of the exterior wall of the building;

(2) The module outlet is made of silicone wire with excellent high and low temperature performance, with professional waterproof connector, professionally designed and carefully built fully sealed waterproof structure, the protection level reaches IP67, and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature environments.

(3) Multiple LED modules can form a full-color display wall;

(4) It can be used as a linear light source instead of a digital tube, and the lighting effect by connecting a point light source is more general;

(5) Various shapes can be combined arbitrarily, which is easy to install and does not affect the appearance and structure of the original object;

(6) The display requirements are not very high, the use in low-brightness environments requires light transmittance, the display pixel pitch is large, and it is used in large-screen display occasions with a certain decorative effect.

(7) The display unit is strip-shaped, and the assembly kit is made of professional aluminum type, which can be assembled horizontally, vertically, and obliquely, and the display units are connected by waterproof joints;

(8) Since the display unit is strip-shaped, it can be assembled into various special-shaped screens such as inner arc display surface shape, outer arc display surface shape, S display surface shape, spherical shape, etc., and has display effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary conventional display screens;

(9) The strip display has the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, convenient front and rear maintenance, good waterproof performance, good shock resistance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, no fan, and quietness.

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