Micro pitch LED display definition and advantages

The micro-pitch LED display is an indoor high-definition full-color LED display with a unit board and surface mount technology, and the point spacing specification is below P2.0. .6, P1.5, P1.2, P1.0 and other specifications, with the continuous advancement of LED die packaging technology, micro-pitch LED displays with dot pitch specifications below P1.0 will also appear one after another.

The concept of micro-pitch LED display was first proposed as a redefinition of indoor full-color LED display products below P2.0. After the small-pitch LED display entered the control room field from the indoor field, pixel Density puts forward higher requirements, and the concept of small spacing is no longer suitable for the application field of control room command display, so the product series of micro-pitch LED display is redefined, and it is gradually widely quoted by various manufacturers and media in the industry. It has become a common definition standard for small-pitch LED displays below P2.0 in the industry.

LED display was originally a display product with relatively large pixel pitch. In recent years, with the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED display has been greatly improved. Micro-pitch LED display is a general term for a complete set of systems, including LED display systems, high-definition display control systems, and cooling systems. Later, the micro-pitch LED display adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the state control of the brightness, color restoration and uniformity of the display pixel unit. It has high brightness, high contrast, high reliability, bright color and no visual The automatic reflow soldering process is adopted in the production process of the display screen, which brings a perfect visual experience to the user and is an ideal choice for conference rooms and professional control rooms.

High-definition LED display in the command hall

The micro-pitch LED screen has the following advantages:

True seamless stitching

Traditional LCD, DLP and other splicing screens have obvious seams, and there are brightness differences and splicing gaps between units, which affect the uniformity and integrity of the screen display. The micro-pitch LED display can be spliced in any direction, in any size, and in any shape. The color and brightness of the picture are uniform and consistent, without segmentation and black seam, to achieve truly seamless splicing.

low light high gray

Since micro-pitch LEDs are mostly used in the control room environment, the requirements for brightness are not high, on the contrary, the requirements for grayscale are higher. The grayscale performance of the micro-pitch LED display at low brightness is almost perfect, and there is no information loss.

High contrast

The micro-pitch LED display adopts high-quality black surface LED lights and black mask processing technology to improve the luminous brightness, enhance the screen contrast, and ensure the color performance of the picture.

Small footprint

The thickness of the micro-pitch LED display is thin, the rear maintenance space is small, and it can be embedded in the wall to save room space.

low maintenance cost

The micro-pitch LED display is composed of unit modules, and the display pixels are composed of individual LED lights. Usually, the defective product rate is extremely low. If necrosis occurs, replace it with a spare unit. Yes; if the panel is irreparable, just replace a small unit display module, reduce maintenance costs and shorten maintenance time.

True and natural color

Using the world’s leading point-by-point correction technology, using advanced green restoration and skin color restoration functions, it fully adapts to the human eye’s habit of color perception, and truly restores the color of nature.

Hotel LED Video Wall

Ultra-high refresh rate

The micro-pitch LED display captures the picture is stable without ripples and no black screen, which can effectively solve the trailing and blurring of the image in the process of rapid movement, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the video picture delicate and smooth, and the human eye is not easy to get tired after watching it for a long time; Equipped with inverse gamma correction technology and single-point brightness correction technology, the dynamic picture display is more real, natural and uniform.

Short response time

The response time of the micro-pitch LED display is extremely short. In the nanosecond level, there will be no tailing, ghosting and other phenomena. It has great advantages when monitoring pictures and playing dynamic videos.

Wide viewing angle

The larger the viewing angle of the screen, the clearer and more uniform the screen image is on the left and right sides of the screen and in the up and down directions. display effect.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The micro-pitch LED display uses a switching power supply with PFC function, which reduces the interference caused by various components in the LED power supply system line to the power supply system, purifies the power grid, improves the power quality, reduces the power loss of the large screen itself, saves energy Electric energy, low carbon and environmental protection.

Light to the limit, easy to “nian”

The micro-pitch LED display box is composed of modules, and the weight of a single box is only 4.5KG. Adopt cast aluminum box, high strength, ultra-thin, exquisite and beautiful, easy to install and transport. The back cover is injection-molded with high-strength fire-resistant materials, which minimizes the weight of the product.

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