LED screen mobile how do devices wirelessly control

At present, mobile phones and ipads have more and more functions of computers, that is, online office can be realized on mobile phones and ipads. Since mobile phones and Ipads can realize most of the functions of computers, it is not a problem to use mobile phones and ipads to control the LED display. Then how do they control the LED display, and what is the principle? Let Aureda explain to you below.

In fact, one of the most important reasons for mobile phones and ipads to control LED displays is to connect these devices. Do mobile phones and ipads need a network cable to connect like computers? The answer is no, just use WIFI to connect.

1. Several methods for mobile phone and ipad to control led display

1.1.WIFI wireless control

The system uses the mobile terminal (mobile phone, IPAD) as the control terminal, and realizes the remote wireless control screen for the first time. All its functions can be realized by the touch screen control, and the zero-second switching will not be stuck. Really abandon the traditional keyboard, mouse, software instead of hardware.

Working principle: By adding a wireless router or other wireless devices, it can bridge with the user’s original wireless network, build a wireless local area network, and easily integrate the network control card into the wireless network for wireless network control.

Features: No wiring, easy installation and debugging, fast data transmission.

Required equipment: network bridge, wireless router (it is best to choose a device with a replaceable antenna for the application on the display screen, so that the wireless signal can be effectively received).

Disadvantages: The communication distance mainly depends on the gain capability of the bridge. The communication distance of the wireless router is relatively short, and the signal of the partition wall is relatively weak or no signal. It is suitable for places with wireless signals in short distances. If the area where your display is located already has wireless signal coverage, it is even simpler. Just bridge the wireless router connected to the LED display control card in the led display to your wireless network, and then you can use the internal network. Control the display from any computer.

1.2. RF wireless control

Working principle: One end of the RF module is connected to the control computer, and the other end is connected to the serial port of the control card. After the driver is installed on the computer, a virtual serial port is generated, and data is sent through this serial port.

1.3. PRS wireless control

Working principle: After the GPRS module is powered on, it completes the process of dial-up Internet access and connects to the data center server. The client accesses the server through the client software, and the server forwards the information.

1.4. 4G full Netcom wireless contro

Working principle: basically the same as 3G/GPRS.

Features: 4G full Netcom (supported by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom), fast transmission rate, complete real-time control, and instant response to relevant control when sending commands.

 2. Several functions of mobile phone and ipad to control led display

2.1. Graphical preview, visual operation

Using IPAD to control the screen, any function can be visualized at a glance. If you can play with mobile phones and iPads, you can control the large LED screen! Before switching, you can preview the content to be played, to prevent misoperation to the greatest extent, safe and reliable!

2.2. One-key adjustment of brightness and volume

According to the actual situation on site, customers can remotely control the brightness of the screen (from the brightest to the black screen) and volume at any time on the iPad, which is simple and convenient. The most important thing is that any operation will not affect the use of the current screen, and there is no need to exit the current playback!

2.3. support list editing

Before or during use, customers can classify files, sort lists, increase or decrease files, and pre-monitor the programs at any time. When playing a video, you can set a single loop or a list loop.

2.4. picture-in-picture, four-screen, nine-screen one-key switching

Single-screen playback mode and picture-in-picture (up to four sub-screens are supported, and the size of the sub-screens can be dragged and dropped), four-screen, nine-screen, which can be switched with one key, zero-second delay without lag; in multi-screen mode, double-click any of them The screen can be switched between full screen and window (audio sync).

2.5. support PPT, Word and other Office file playback

In addition to the above functions, the wireless control screen system also supports the normal playback of Office files (including PPT animation), supports seamless switching between Office files, and seamless switching with videos (that is, it can support larger video files without clipping). pause playback). A file can be placed in multiple windows, independent of each other, so as to preview the next screen and ensure security.

2.6. Can edit subtitles synchronously, support synchronous and asynchronous recording

During use, users can edit letters synchronously, record and record with one key, support simultaneous recording and one recording, and the recorded files can be exported.

2.7. support multi-screen synchronization

This system can support one control multiple screens. By switching, the playback content of each display screen can be controlled separately, and multiple screens can be controlled synchronously.

2.8. Other functions

Resume playback after power failure: Even if the iPad is turned off, the screen will still play in the original mode without a black screen;

External equipment: Supports direct connection of signals from cameras, DVs, DVD players, notebook computers and other equipment, and can simultaneously preview live broadcast images and switch with one key.

3. The combination scheme of mobile phone and ipad controls the led display

(Use the main control box + LED video processor + WIFI) combination scheme The main control box can also be replaced with the Mi box. The following main control box is an example:

3.1 Mainly implemented functions

Through the mobile phone (Android, Apple) system to control the LED display to play the content in the mobile phone, the content includes regular pictures, videos, etc.

3.2 Required functional equipment:

1) A mobile phone with Android/Apple system

2) One master control box

3) A wireless router (need to connect to the Internet)

4) A set of LED display

5) LED video processor – support HDMI or related HDMI conversion cable (main control box is HDMI interface)

3.3 The connection that the device needs to complete before the control and the preparation for playing the file:

1) First, connect the LED display and the LED video processor normally and debug it.

2) Connect the HDMI output of the main control box to the LED video processor and make the corresponding settings.

3) The wireless router opens the wireless network, and connects the mobile phone and the main control box to the same WIFI network at the same time.

4) The mobile phone installs a corresponding version of the LED main control system according to the system, and connects to the main control secret box through the settings.

And back up the content to be played on the LED stage screen to the mobile phone in advance.

3.4 Specific operation methods:

1) Through the main control system, the video or photos in the mobile phone and shared computer are directly sent to the main control box by swiping up. After the main control box receives it, it will directly play your customized video and picture files.

2) You can also play various videos in the Internet through the master control box, etc.

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