How much is the LED display in the conference room per square meter?

The LED display screen is charged according to the square meter. The specific type of LED screen to be installed in the conference room is also determined according to the size of the conference room and the nearest viewing distance. If the conference room is small, the viewing distance of the display screen will be closer, so it is necessary to use a specification with a smaller dot density, so that it does not look grainy, and the picture is clearer and more delicate. On the contrary, if the space of the conference room is relatively large and the personnel are scattered, then a model with a relatively high point density can be used.

Conference Room led walls

For conference rooms, the model generally used is P2.0, about 70,000 to 10,000 square meters per square meter, and the price difference is mainly IC and lamp beads. If the screen is large enough, you can also save costs from P3~P4. Of course, it can be installed with less than 2.0 if it is not bad. In addition, there are installation fees, video processors, steel structures, computers, audio and other costs.

indoor LED module case2

Factors that determine the price of indoor conference room LED display:

1. Screen main body quotation:

That is, the price of the conference room led display is xxx yuan/square meter. The materials chosen here are different, and the prices are also different. (Including the cost of LED lamp beads, IC driver chip, power supply and LED box, etc.)

2. System cost control:

That is to control the number of computers, receiving cards and sending cards, and determine the number according to the size of the LED screen in the conference room, and then calculate the cost.

3. Cost of auxiliary equipment:

Power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, controller cards, lightning arresters and LED video processors, etc. You can choose the option according to your needs, or you can buy it outright.

4. Display playback software:

Including computer system software, LED video playback software, etc., usually free.

5. Steel structure cost:

Labor installation costs are included. Ordinary steel structures cost more than wall-mounted structures. LED display manufacturers may provide steel structure design drawings and require customers to find a local production company. Regarding the cost of the LED display in the conference room, the above are the factors that affect the LED display. If you want to customize a screen, you can choose according to this standard.