How to calculate the transparency of LED transparent screen?

LED transparent screen, “transparency” is its biggest feature. Customers often ask, is the LED transparent screen completely transparent?

What is its transmittance and light transmittance?

For customers who have never been in contact with LED transparent screens and have never seen the real thing, “transparent screen” is definitely a word with enough sense and full of sci-fi color. When it comes to transparent screens, many people may have high-tech images in film and television works and concept product promotional films.

So, how is the transparency of the LED transparent screen calculated?

To calculate permeability, first we need to understand the concept of permeability. Transmittance is a physical word, which indicates the efficiency of the transmitted light of display devices, etc. The transmittance of a transparent screen is defined as the percentage of the luminous flux actually transmitted by the screen and the luminous flux that is fully transmitted. The simplest calculation formula is : Transmittance = (transparent space/light bar interval) * 100%

Transparent screen transmittance calculation

For the calculation of the transparency of transparent screens, there is no industry standard in the LED transparent display industry for the time being. Therefore, LED transparent screen manufacturers have different calculation methods for the “transparency” or “transmittance” of their own products. The main logic is as follows:

The transmittance is often only calculated for the main part of the light bar and the light board, that is, the shading of the power box is not included, the shading of the box frame is not included, and the shading of PC, acrylic board or glass (single-layer or even double-layer) is not included. counted.

Taking the P12 transparent screen as an example, it is known that the PCB thickness of the light bar is 2m, and the distance between the light bar and the light bar is 12mm, then the light transmission space is 10mm, so the light transmittance=10/12*100%=83.3%

Therefore, the “transparency” in the technical parameters of the LED transparent screen company’s products is the result of a variety of different calculation formulas. Users should actually experience the transparency of the transparent screen when choosing LED transparent screen products. Factors to choose carefully.