How to choose the right stage rental LED display?

At present, the model of the full-color LED display used in the outdoor exhibition is P10. The image display is clear at a viewing distance of 6 meters, and the image display quality is high-definition and soft at a distance of 10 meters. It should be noted that: use low-end configuration outdoor full-color LED display with caution, the low-end configuration of the full-color LED display is likely to have quality problems during use, the display effect changes greatly, and the buyer is unlucky, you may use a Years later, it becomes waste.

Indoor stage full-color LED display such as performance stage, temporary conference stage, wedding indoor and outdoor shooting wedding stage and other places generally have soft light, the viewing distance is relatively close, about 5 meters, and the full-color LED display to be considered at this time is Consideration should be given to the accuracy of the display screen, the display effect of the shooting, and the convenience of installation and movement.

Concert site LED video wall

If it is used on stage, the P4 full-color specification should be considered first, so that both the audience and the performers on the stage can clearly see the screen display. When the budget exceeds the budget, consider the P5 full-color specification. The display effects of these two types of LED displays are obviously very different when the viewer is within 3 meters of the display screen.

A good quality full-color LED display will definitely be more expensive, with low stability and failure rate, and can be used for about 7 years under normal circumstances, so it is recommended to refer to the above experience to buy the most suitable full-color rental LED display.