How to do the LED display?

An LED display screen is composed of an outer frame part, a display part, a control part, a power supply distribution and a number of small accessories. details as follows:

1. For the outer frame, special aluminum profiles, corners, light steel keels, and rear baffles (aluminum-plastic panels, Ou Song panels) are used to form the outer frame that supports the LED display.

2. The display part is composed of the LED display unit board and the cable power cord, which is used to display pictures.

Sports screen display

3. The control part, the control card and the adapter board, together with the cable, form a control module that controls and connects the LED display unit board.

4. The power supply part is composed of multiple to 5V power supplies.

5. Small accessories, such as strong magnets, pillars, magnetic sheets, etc. After the above components are formed, an LED display can be made.