How to install the LED display without leakage?

If the LED display is used outdoors, it will face many challenges. The LED display screen will be affected by bad weather such as high temperature, cold wave, strong wind, rain, etc. If these aspects are not done well, the safe operation of the display screen will be impossible. How to install the LED display without water leakage?


Sealant with backing plate

In order to save trouble, many friends do not add a backplane or sealant on the backplane when installing the outdoor LED display. After a long time, the electronic components will definitely enter the water, and the LED display will have problems over time. And electronic components are most afraid of water. Once water enters the circuit, it will cause the circuit to burn. These problems that can be solved easily must not be ignored.

leak water

If the LED electronic display screen and the backplane are closely combined, there must be a water leakage hole below; the so-called water leakage hole is used for water leakage. No matter how closely the front and back of the LED display are combined, there will still be more or less water in it over the years. If there is no leaking hole at the bottom, the water will accumulate over time. It can play a very good waterproof effect, and it is also good for prolonging the service life of the LED display.

Bill Board led wall panel

suitable line

When installing an outdoor LED display, the plug wiring must use a suitable wire. Generally, the principle of prefer large is not small, that is, calculate the total wattage of the LED display, and choose a slightly larger wire. Small wires, it is easy to cause the line to burn, thus affecting the safe operation of the LED display.