How to make outdoor LED display effectively avoid light pollution while ensuring the publicity effect

With the continuous development of the urban construction process, outdoor LED displays are increasingly entering our living space as a new carrier of advertising in the media. How to make the outdoor LED display effectively avoid light pollution while ensuring the publicity effect.

1. Reasonable planning of the display area and installation location
According to the viewing distance and viewing angle as well as the surrounding environment, as well as the requirements of the display content, reasonably plan the display area and location. Instead of blindly pursuing a large area and a prominent location.

2. Selection and design of playback content
Large giant display screens are public media, including public welfare, advertising, and instruction. When we choose the content to broadcast, we must reach an agreement with the public requirements to avoid rejection.

3. Multi-level grayscale correction technology to improve color softness
LED display products use more gray levels to make the colors look soft and the transition is natural.

Corperate Events led screen

4. Adopt automatic brightness adjustment system
Brightness varies greatly under different time and weather conditions. If the playback brightness of the display screen is too much greater than that of the environment, it will cause discomfort to people’s eyes. In particular, the difference in brightness between daytime and nighttime is relatively large. If you continue to use the display at the brightness of the display during the day and at night, it will not only bring discomfort to the audience, but will also cause resistance to the advertising content. Rui Tuo display automatic brightness adjustment system can automatically convert the appropriate screen brightness according to the ambient brightness to ensure the picture quality and avoid light pollution.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection of people all over the world, we can hear about low carbon and energy saving and emission reduction everywhere. The luminescent material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product. However, since the area of the outdoor display screen is generally large, the power consumption is still relatively large. In response to the call of the World Energy Organization and the long-term development interests of the industry, Retop Display has launched more energy-saving and low-carbon outdoor LED display products, which can save 50% of power consumption compared to the previous LED display.