Immersive, interactive LED display

LED displays have shown a rapid development trend with display advantages such as high brightness, strong visual impact, wide viewing angle range and excellent color reproduction ability. The immersive experience created by LED large-screen display combined with holographic projection, AR, VR and other technological means, because it can bring visitors a full range of sensory experience, has also become an offline Internet celebrity entertainment and entertainment that many young consumers flock to. Card method.
Immersive experience refers to the integration of various display, sound, interactive technologies and effects, so that visitors are immersed in an interesting and dreamy experience, so as to forget the emotions of the real world.

LED floor

With the intensifying upsurge of “experiential concept”, immersive LED displays are no longer limited to exhibition halls, exhibition halls, cultural tourism, science and technology museums, experience halls and other occasions. Transform the space experience to capture more consumers.
If you want an immersive experience to better realize the audio-visual feast effect, there are high requirements for the size, resolution, brightness, refresh rate, contrast, color saturation, etc. of the LED display.

TV Studio led screen panel

1. Unlimited splicing, to meet flexible use

The LED direct display screen is composed of modules, combined with the characteristics of ultra-high flatness, “small module, large display” can achieve infinite splicing, arbitrary splicing, and meet various construction requirements such as special-shaped and curved surfaces.
The seamless whole screen and the large display area create a sense of presence and immersion, which can extend the visual space and bring an immersive sense of space to the audience, and the effect is more surging.

2. Excellent HD, more immersive
Excellent and excellent display effect, realizing the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, low brightness and high gray, making the immersive experience more realistic and shocking.
The indoor fine pitch display can achieve 1000nit high brightness without glare, and you can feel the shock of the picture at any distance.
The gray scale can reach up to 22Bit, which can retain the real color and delicate picture even at low brightness, and the atmosphere is instantly full.
The refresh rate can reach up to 7680Hz, high-definition high-brush, take pictures without fear of moiré pattern, take pictures and punch cards all over the circle of friends!

3. Stable performance, reliable use and longer life
Relying on the mature full-flip-chip COB manufacturing process, the flip-chip Mini LED chip has higher light-emitting efficiency and longer life; patented self-developed surface treatment process, the module is not afraid of bumps, the front is up to IP65 level protection, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, Anti-bump, anti-scratch, so that immersion is not just a flash in the pan.