Several forms of LED display luminescent materials

At present, the manufacturing technology of high-brightness blue and pure green semiconductor chips is mainly in the hands of a few companies such as Japan and the United States, resulting in relatively high prices. LED luminescent materials used in display screens have the following forms:

1. LED light-emitting light (or single light)

It is generally composed of a single LED chip, a reflective bowl, a metal anode, and a metal cathode. One or more (different colors) single lamps can be used to form a basic pixel, which is mostly used for outdoor display due to its high brightness.

indoor LED module mask

2. LED dot matrix module

The light-emitting matrix is composed of several chips, which are encapsulated in a plastic shell with epoxy resin. Suitable for row and column scanning drive, easy to form high-density display, mostly used for indoor display.

3. SMD LED light-emitting lamp (or SMDLED)

It is a package in the form of paste welding of LED light-emitting lamps, which can be used for indoor full-color display screens, which can realize single-point maintenance and effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.