Outdoor led wall: Introduction of super bright LED

With the continuous advancement of technology, the development of ultra-bright LEDs has been successful, especially the development of white LEDs. Ultra-high LEDs are mostly used in lighting, and recently, high-brightness LEDs have also been applied to LED displays.

Ultra-bright LEDs have the characteristics of high brightness, bright colors and high efficiency, especially their fast lighting speed, and are widely used in automotive low beams.

However, Outdoor led walls are not without their shortcomings, such as low power, strict temperature requirements, and high cost.

At present, most of the ultra-high LED power in the market is below 5W, which is a major bottleneck restricting its development.

Because the power of high-brightness diodes is relatively large, it is the same as power semiconductor devices. It is necessary to consider the problem of heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation can easily aggravate light decay.

Although LED has been recognized by most people and is optimistic by most people, its high price is difficult to be accepted by consumers. In order for LED to become the mainstream light source of future lighting, it must develop in the direction of large lumens, and the cost may be reduced.

The direction of ultra-bright LED is beautiful. If the current problems are solved, I believe that there will be a lot of room for it in the future.