LED display installation related projects

LED installation and related works are to create an installation foundation for the display screen, and at the same time coordinate with the surrounding environment. Other related works are:

1. Civil engineering foundation (including lightning protection and grounding);

2. Steel structure frame engineering;

3. Exterior decoration works.

Civil foundation
The civil construction foundation engineering of LED display screen is the basic project of display screen installation. It is mainly used as the base for the screen body in outdoor display screen projects. Body settlement; balance the wind load on the screen to prevent the screen from overturning.

outdoor led video wall

Second, the basic introduction of steel structure frame

The steel structure frame project of the LED display screen is the basic project of the display screen installation. The display screen components are firmly spliced into a whole through the steel structure frame, and the screen body and the building main body are connected together, bearing the weight of the screen body and the impact of It is also the installation basis for other equipment and exterior decoration. The main components of the steel structure frame are steel column support (mainly used for column structure), base (mainly used for floor installation), screen main frame, and connecting fasteners.

In the LED display installation project, it is mainly used on the formed civil structure. Where there were no pre-embedded connecting components, the steel structure frame and the civil structure are connected together by the method of chemical planting. The main product is chemical anchors. bolt.

Basic introduction of exterior decoration engineering

The LED display exterior decoration project is to use structural connectors or adhesives to fix the decoration and decoration materials to the outside of the steel structure frame, so that it can achieve a beautiful appearance, and achieve waterproof (for outdoor) and other protection purposes.