LED glass curtain wall screen builds urban landmark buildings

LED glass curtain wall screen is also known as LED curtain screen, LED light bar screen, LED transparent screen, LED hollow screen, LED grid screen, because it has the product form of strip, hollow, light transmission, and does not affect ventilation and lighting. LED color screen, LED strip screen, LED special-shaped screen, LED louvered display, LED glass curtain wall display, LED light strip color screen display, LED strip display, etc., usually used in buildings, outdoor landmark buildings and commercial Complexes, shopping mall windows, etc., belong to a new generation of high-end LED display products. At present, the LED display industry has a high reputation. In the landmark buildings of first-tier cities in China, LED glass curtain wall screens also play an important role.

Features and advantages of LED glass curtain wall screen for operability of outdoor landmarks:

1. High-permeability design, the air permeability of 50%-90% does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen. It has strong wind resistance, effectively reducing wind loads and further reducing the strength and weight of the basic structure of the LED display. , can also be installed in the glass curtain wall of the building.

2. Light weight, the LED glass curtain wall screen adopts hollow design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, there is no fixed box size. Taking the most popular P16 outdoor LED light bar screen as an example, the weight per square meter is only 20 Kilogram, which is one-fifth of the weight of the traditional LED display box, and is very popular among customers.

3. Without steel structure, the LED light bar display adopts the principle of module assembly of large screen, without any steel structure construction, the disassembly and assembly of the large screen can be completed by a single module, and the fastest installation can be realized according to the customer’s customized size. The LED light bar display adopts the most advanced U-shaped aluminum mounting parts, which ensures the integration of the outdoor wall and the LED display to the greatest extent.

4. There is no need for air conditioning. The traditional LED display has insufficient heat dissipation, which will cause the screen to malfunction. Similar problems can be avoided in the application of LED light bar screens. Because of the advantages of permeability, natural causes such as wind can be avoided, and It can work normally in extremely cold weather such as Russia.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for auxiliary cooling equipment, no noise, low power consumption, the module composed of each LED light bar is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surrounding is transparent, so it can achieve good self-heating. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the luminescent materials, and there is no need to build a special cooling system like traditional LED screens.

6. High protection level: brushed aluminum shell, imported silicone secondary potting + light bar cover on the front, imported high and low temperature waterproof wires, professional waterproof connectors, to create a fully sealed waterproof structure, the LED light bar part can achieve the highest protection level IP68 , especially suitable for the display screen built by the riverside and the sea.

LED glass curtain wall screen building outdoor landmark media, the area is no longer a problem

Although there are landmark buildings in various cities in China, such landmark buildings as Wangfujing in Beijing, the Bund in Shanghai, Canton Tower in Guangzhou, and Huaqiangbei business district in Shenzhen are still in a state of awareness. So can outdoor super-large LED displays contribute to the possibility of landmark buildings?

The following is an illustration of a series of real cases. As we all know, the LED display area can be customized according to actual requirements. The LED glass curtain wall screen is suitable for making large-scale LED display screens. Outdoor giant screen, Xi’an Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, 430 square meters of Ximending business district in Taiwan, 3300 square meters of Guanyin Bridge business district, 711 square meters of Xi’an Gaoxin No. The LED display project has become a local key project and a hot topic in street talk.

LED displays can be creatively designed and installed for long-distance viewing effects and building lighting, especially for large outdoor buildings, landscape leisure streets across the river, and crossroads of people’s hearts. The full-color display of the LED display, with bright colors and high brightness, can realize clear playback during the day and is deeply loved by advertisers. The LED light bar screen is made into horizontal and vertical strips or grids, and the size can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is very easy to install and disassemble. convenient.

The introduction of super-large outdoor electronic media represented by large LED electronic screens into outdoor buildings has brought new patterns and changes to the city, and large screens constitute a new eye-catching urban landmark. To sum up, with the rapid development of new technologies, the rapid visualization and imaging of cities have had a profound impact. As a product that changes people’s sensory vision, LED displays are adding different imaginations and souls to cities and buildings.

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