led mesh video wall

led mesh video wall is a brand-new imaging display technology, which realizes the change from traditional small-pitch LED screen “point emission imaging” to “surface emission imaging”, each tiny projection display unit is composed of RGB-LED light source and spherical The imaging screen is formed to form an independent “dark room”; the image is projected on each display unit in a grid, and there is no light interference between adjacent display units.

A large-pitch LED display is launched to meet the needs of large-area displays such as real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, and high-rise building facades, and can take into account the characteristics of lightness, thinness and transparency. It is a splicable LED display module composed of LED point light source, PC card strip, aluminum buckle, steel wire and other components. Through splicing, a large display area ranging from tens of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters can be easily realized.

Features and advantages of led mesh video wall The screen body can be quickly assembled into a plane, or can be arbitrarily bent up, down, left, and right to fit the surface of the building; high permeability, does not affect the ventilation and lighting inside the building, and has good wind resistance; pixel spacing, The size and color of the screen can be customized according to the needs of the project; the screen is ultra-light and can be directly suspended by steel wire without complicated steel frame structure; the clips and pixel light points can be taken out separately, which is convenient for quick maintenance of the screen; Offline integration, can play text, images, video information; quick lock design makes screen assembly convenient and efficient, saving installation costs, etc.

led mesh video wall can also customize 31.25mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen,
40mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 50mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 55mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 62.5mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 75mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 80mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen, 100mm Flexible LED Mesh Screen and other products with different pitches.