LED screen brightness is not as high as possible

LED screen purchase, the brightness is not as high as possible?

Brightness is an important parameter of LED display, and it is one of the indicators that are mainly referenced when purchasing LED display. Because of the lack of understanding of the product, many consumers have fallen into the misunderstanding of purchasing, thinking that the higher the brightness, the better the quality of the display, but it is not.

As a new type of light-emitting technology, LED is based on light-emitting diodes, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high brightness. When many merchants introduce LED display products to users, they often use “low energy consumption and high brightness” as the killer, and implant the concept of “the higher the brightness, the better, and the more value”, which has caused many users to fall into Buying mistakes.

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The LED display adopts self-luminous technology. As a light source, LED lamp beads will inevitably have the problem of brightness attenuation after a period of use. To achieve high brightness, a larger drive current is required. However, under high current, the stability of LED lamp beads will decrease, and the decay will be faster. In other words, the pure pursuit of high brightness is actually at the expense of the image quality and lifespan of the LED display.

Not only that, but today, the light pollution problem in cities around the world has become very serious, and many countries have even introduced laws and regulations to strictly control the brightness of outdoor lighting and display screens. As one of the higher brightness of many display technologies, LED full-color display has almost become the overlord of outdoor display, but once it reaches the night, the excessively bright screen will become an invisible “pollution”. Therefore, the pursuit of brightness and environmental protection balance seems more meaningful.

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The last factor to consider is cost. Simply pursuing higher brightness will inevitably lead to an increase in the overall cost of the project. At the same time, it also means that users are likely to pay for the performance that exceeds their usage requirements, resulting in waste.

Therefore, when users buy LED displays, they do not need to listen to the misunderstanding of the merchants that “the higher the brightness, the better the screen”. It is necessary to understand that it is meaningless to simply pursue the brightness value index, and it will even cause the loss of image quality, life and cost.