LED screens for large events

1. Rich performance content

In the previous stage performances, the functions of LEDs were relatively simple, mainly displaying video data and synchronizing video images. In the stage performances at that time, the stage workers did not include it in the category of stage beauty, but only regarded it as a big TV on the stage. Today, the LED video wall, as an extension and supplement of the stage performance, enriches the content of the performance and provides the audience with information beyond the performance itself. At the same time, the audience can get rid of a single, fixed perspective through the large LED screen, and can even see their own reactions, which also forms a certain freshness visually.

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2. Create associations, liven up the atmosphere

With the increasing use of LED large screens in stage performances and the improvement of designers’ creative concepts. In some performances, it has appeared as an extremely important element in stage art. Abandoning the basic form of the traditional set reproduction environment, a new aesthetic function is formed. During the performance, the large screen appeared to match the performance program, instead of the scenery function. The created virtual picture gives us space for imagination, which is more atmospheric than the real scene. The traditional stage scenery is constructed with specific material materials and has a visible external style, giving the audience a solid feeling. The LED is to awaken and inspire the audience through the pictures related to the theme of the performance, so that the audience can feel more things beyond the appearance, which directly affects the psychological changes of the audience and affects the mood of the audience. In terms of theater function, the LED display can further shorten the relationship between viewing and performance and activate the atmosphere of the performance. The information obtained by the audience from the images is far greater than the information displayed by mechanical physical carriers such as traditional stage sets and lights.

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3. Variety and flexibility

With the technological development of imaging equipment, it is very easy to use LED electronic display screens to realize the scenes that were not possible with traditional sets in the past. The use of large screens in the opening and closing ceremonies of large-scale events has basically acted as a set function. The LED display screen is more convenient and flexible than the traditional setting in the transformation of the picture, and it can complete the transformation of the picture in an instant. Through technical means, we can use LED to play any imaginable picture, dynamic, static, realistic, freehand, colorful, and the effect is more vivid. It not only brings new perfect enjoyment to the audience, but also forms new expectations and aesthetic associations.