LED full color display market operation mode

The advent of the information society has promoted the development of modern information display technology. As an information display product, LED displays are widely used in securities trading, finance, airport flights, ports, stations, stadiums, road traffic, dispatching command centers, postal services, Telecommunications, shopping malls, advertising media, performances, assemblies, exhibitions. With the improvement of LED material technology and process, LED display has become one of the mainstream products of information display with outstanding advantages.

With the influx of red, pure green and pure blue LED tubes into China and the research and development work of Chinese enterprises, full-color display screens produced with red, green, and blue primary color LEDs can display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, etc. Recording signals and other information.

Showroom led screen 

LED display technology and production costs continue to decline, and LED display market sales have begun to accelerate. Before the financial crisis in 2008, the full-color LED display screen invested and leased grew rapidly, and the financial crisis directly impacted the industry to a certain extent; the 2008 Olympic Games promoted the development of China’s sports industry, and the construction of large-scale stadiums across the country basically The LED full-color display is adopted.

Economic conditions and the price of LED full-color display directly affect market demand. LED display products are usually sold in the form of engineering, that is, the final use of LED display includes pre-installation engineering design, display point spacing determination, engineering construction and long-term after-sales maintenance, etc. Therefore, this determines the market operation mode of LED display. Projects work the same way.