Movie screen will be the potential market of LED display

In a movie theater, the screen, the main body of movie playback, as the hardware setting inside the movie theater is undoubtedly the top priority of the audience experience. Whether it’s the old film projection mode or today’s digital imaging, film projectors or digital projectors project film content onto a screen or screen. From improving the picture quality to enriching the viewing experience, the projection screen has gone through the initial simple white cloth to the screen, and then from the ordinary screen to the wide screen, giant screen and even the dome screen and the ring screen. In terms of picture quality, screen size and shape, huge changes have occurred. Variety.

For the evolution of screen display equipment, the vast majority of cinemas are still mainly based on projection screens, and with the gradual upgrading of display technology, LED displays have also begun to “taste” the field of movie screens. The original small-pitch movie screen did not occupy a place in this screen battle because of its fragile lights, dizziness caused by long-term viewing, and grainy display, and had to withdraw hastily. The industry generally believes that LED screens have made new breakthroughs in the field of film projection technology. The LED movie screen surpassed the traditional screen in some aspects, and at the same time, it also overcomes some problems that occurred in the process of entering the movie theater, alleviates the problem of pixel granulation, and improves the stability. Boosted confidence. Of course, domestic screen companies did not blindly follow the trend to produce movie screens, mainly because of their price and cost, they failed to promote them on a large scale in the market.

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For a long time, most of what we watch in cinemas are projector systems, and their projection effects will always be restricted by the environment. The congenital defects of projector technology have not been really solved. Even with the blessing of laser light source technology, it is difficult to satisfy We have strict requirements for the continuous improvement of image quality when watching movies, and the pressure of cost also prompts new breakthroughs in movie projection methods. The birth of LED movie screens can be described as menacing, and its advantages also reveal the shortcomings of traditional projection methods. With today’s breakthroughs and innovations in small-pitch display technology, small-pitch LED displays do have advantages. First of all, the LED display can achieve active light emission, and naturally has high anti-light interference characteristics, which can undoubtedly bring a better viewing experience.

By selecting appropriate lamp beads, driver ICs and controllers, and designing reasonable circuits, the LED movie screen can ensure that the screen presents different brightness. Combined with the active light-emitting method and the diffuse reflection design of the surface mask, the exposure of the screen is uniform and the display effect is consistent. These advantages are difficult to compete with the traditional projection method. Moreover, the rapid development of digital film and television has higher requirements for high-definition display, and the development trend of LED movie screens can just meet this demand. With the maturity and improvement of technology, the LED movie screen is expected to replace the traditional way of movie projection and become a new way for movie fans to watch movies, and experience a more realistic and vivid visual shock.