Outdoor LED display summer protection knowledge

LED display has become the most common tool of communication media. Its application has brought incredible changes to people’s lives. People can not only learn a lot of fast and timely information through it, but also feel the visual sense through it. Therefore, it is often used in various performances to add beauty to people’s lives. But when we see the good side of it, there are often many complex problems hidden behind it.

Especially for outdoor display screens, in the summer, due to the harsh weather conditions such as high temperature, thunder and rain, there will often be many hidden dangers in safety, which will shorten their service life. Therefore, we not only need to rely on the high-strength weather resistance of the display screen itself, but more importantly, we must take precautions in advance to minimize the hidden dangers of various failures.

First, the protection measures for high temperature heat dissipation of outdoor LED display in summer:

1. If the area of ​​the display screen is within 25 square meters, it is generally not necessary to use air conditioners. If economic conditions permit, two fans with a diameter of about 450mm can be used, which is determined according to the size of the installation space.

2. If it is a display screen with an area of ​​more than 25 square meters, it is divided into the following three situations.

1) If the installation position of the display screen is against the wall and can protrude one meter from the wall, it is recommended to select the fan according to the size of the area, and the installation position of the fan should be arranged in sequence above the side of the screen. If you buy a 70 square P10 outdoor full-color LED display, it means that the fans you want to buy must be 5 axial fans with a diameter of about 500mm. And when installing the fan, make sure that there is a net inside to prevent technicians from sucking clothes or other things in and causing unpredictable damage when repairing the display. In order to be waterproof, aluminum alloy shutters should be installed on the fan outlet on the outside aluminum composite panel.

2) If the display screen is installed with a single column, then it is best to use a fan to dissipate heat. The fan is installed on the top of the aluminum-plastic panel on the back of the large screen and made into a shutter so that the rain does not enter the display screen when it rains. Inside. If it is a display screen in the form of a double column, several shutters can be opened in the middle of the double column. The window is the air inlet, and the fan above is the exhaust port, which forms a complete air convection and makes the heat dissipation effect better.

3) If it is necessary to install an air conditioner, the purchase cost and use cost will increase, and the space and aesthetics of the external unit of the air conditioner must also be considered, and the heat dissipation effect will be worse than that of the fan.

Second, 5 points of protection measures for outdoor LED display lightning protection in summer:

1. Protection against direct lightning strikes.

Install lightning rods on the support structure of outdoor full-color LED displays, indoor displays or displays with tall buildings next to them, do not need to consider installing lightning rods.

2. Counterattack against the steel structure.

Connect the steel structure to the shell of the display screen, make equipotential and grounding, and the grounding resistance is generally required to be less than 10 ohms. The lightning arrester should also be grounded.

3. For the lightning current induced on the power line.

Install a single-phase or three-phase power surge arrester on the power line. The cross-sectional area of ​​the connecting wire of the phase line should not be less than 10mm, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the connecting wire should not be less than 15mm.

4. For the lightning current induced on the signal line.

Install a signal lightning arrester on the signal line. The signal arrester depends on the signal interface of the system. If it is a network cable, install the network signal arrester, and install the DB9 interface arrester for the serial interface. The cross-sectional area of ​​the ground wire should not be less than 1.5mm.

5. Induced current for lightning strikes.

Distribute professional distribution boxes and cabinets uniformly, which can more comprehensively and effectively protect the entire circuit system from the interference of lightning induced currents.

Third, outdoor LED display summer waterproof measures:

1. The waterproofing of the display screen is mainly for prevention, so the module must be an outdoor waterproof module, the back of the module should be painted with three-proof paint, and the selected box should also be a waterproof box with better sealing. The other part needs to be implemented in the specific construction site; the structural design is combined with waterproofing and drainage; after the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, it can be considered to adopt a hollow foam tube structure, a small compression set rate, and an elongation at break. After selecting the sealing strip material, it is necessary to design the appropriate contact surface and contact force according to the characteristics of the sealing strip material, so that the sealing strip can be squeezed into a dense state. In some installations, waterproof grooves, etc., do key protection to ensure that there is no accumulation of water inside the display. In this way, it can be ensured that the display screen will not have any quality problems caused by human factors when it is used in the rainy season.

2. First of all, professional waterproof coatings are required for different unit board materials. Secondly, check whether there is a waterproof groove on the unit board kit. If there is, there is basically no major problem with front waterproofing, even if the unit board is fixed with a magnet. Finally, we also need to pay attention to the waterproof problem of the backplane of the display screen, because in the process of using the display screen, the backplane display screen is not only a heat dissipation treatment, but also has great convenience in dealing with the waterproof performance. When dealing with the waterproof coating on the back, pay more attention to the waterproof performance of the aluminum-plastic panel of the small strip display on the back. Use an electric drill to design a row of drains under the aluminum-plastic panel, which is not only conducive to the waterproofing of the display, but also to the heat dissipation of the display. The best way to handle the display.

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