Rental video wall led | LED display precautions 

As a precision electronic product, the LED rental display screen has relevant requirements for its transportation, storage and installation environment and operation methods. When the after-sales engineer repaired at the customer’s place, they found that there are common problems of improper operation when using the LED display, which will cause certain damage to the cabinet. Now sum it up and talk about how it should be done correctly.

Common problems of LED display box placement, pick and place
1. Improper placement of the cabinet
Not recommended practice: random stacking, when the lamp is placed vertically, the lamp faces inward; it is easy to damage the lamp beads
Correct method: vertical and the lamp face outwards, if it is necessary to stack, the cabinets should be placed face to face and back to back

2. Violent disassembly and pick-and-place
Demonstration of mistakes: Violence and sitting on the LED display when picking and placing from the air box, all of the above behaviors will cause the screen to collide and damage the screen.
The right way: take it lightly

front and rear projection screen

Common problems during after-sales service
1. After the box is disassembled, the masks can be stacked at will
Error demonstration: random stacking; easy to bump and damage the lamp beads
Correct method: put the box after removing the mask back into the air box in time

2. The cabinet is not placed properly during the cabinet test
Error demonstration: placed on the side or on top of other displays; easy to fall, easy to bump
Correct practice: place the display on a flat table when testing

3. The electric bit is worn out when screwing
Wrong demonstration: use a worn electric bit to hit screws; it is easy to cause the screw to slip and damage the mask
Correct method: Regularly check the wear of the electric bit head, and find that the sliding screw can not be disassembled with needle-nose pliers at will, otherwise the four lamp beads around the screw will be damaged, and the pcb board will be damaged in severe cases, and the module will be scrapped. You should consult the on-site after-sales maintenance personnel in time For processing; if the teeth are often slipped, judge whether the size of the batch head is correct or check whether the batch head is worn.

Retail Store led screen

1. The box is handled with care. When landing, the rear side of the box should first land on the ground, and then the lamp surface should be placed on the ground to avoid bumps;
2. It is strictly forbidden to stack the screen in a cluttered manner. A single screen lamp should be placed flat with its face up. Pay attention to protection when placing it upright. When stacking, the lamp faces should be placed opposite each other and separated by pearl cotton in the middle;
3. Put the box back into the air box in time after use, and pay attention to handle it with care when picking up and placing the box from the air box;
4. When carrying the box, it should be fully lifted, and it is strictly forbidden to drag it on the ground to avoid damage to the bottom module;
5. Both indoor and outdoor screens should be kept in a relatively dry storage environment. If the screen body is stored in a humid environment for a long time, it will cause the screen body PCB board to be corroded, the internal components will be corroded, and the lamp beads will be short-circuited, resulting in color block dead lights and other defects. Phenomenon;
6. If the outdoor screen has been exposed to rain during the activity, dry it and put it back in the air box if conditions permit; if the environment in the area is relatively humid, you can purchase a desiccant and put it in the air box;
7. Power tools such as electric batches can be kept for daily replacement of damaged masks or replacement of modules.