Аренда светодиодной стены: Внутренние HD-дисплеи Как ухаживать?

Daily management of светодиодный дисплей с малым шагом

Check whether the ambient temperature of the display screen is less than or equal to 30°C and the humidity is less than or equal to 60% RH every day. Use the display screen and supporting equipment at least twice a week for 2 hours each time; if the display screen is not used for 5 consecutive natural days, please preheat, dehumidify and dehumidify before using it again.

Светодиодный дисплей moisture-proof-indoor dehumidification

Physical dehumidification method: place a quantitative desiccant indoors to reduce the moisture in the air. Moderate ventilation: Make sure that the weather is not humid and windy. Moderate ventilation accelerates the evaporation rate of water vapor and reduces the relative humidity of the indoor environment.

Air conditioner dehumidification method: Air conditioners can be used to dehumidify in humid weather to reduce the rate of being affected by moisture.

Use a dedicated dehumidifier for dehumidification.

Светодиодный экран для розничного магазина

Small pitch Светодиодный дисплей dehumidification

After the screen is installed, it needs to be lit frequently. If the display has not been used for a long time (usually 5-10 days), it should be dehumidified before use, and the accumulated brightness should be removed by gradually increasing the brightness and slowly heating up the screen. Moisture, gradually increase the brightness to remove moisture.

Precautions when using the LED display Use disinfectant with caution! ! !

Please carefully use 84 disinfectant containing (chlorine, bromine), high-efficiency disinfectant, etc. to directly spray and disinfect the storage, production and use environments of LEDs. Our commonly used disinfectants mainly include 84 disinfectant, ethanol (alcohol) disinfectant, bromine-containing disinfectant, chlorine dioxide disinfectant tablets, quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant (Jieermin), etc. The above disinfectants can disinfect surfaces such as desktops and floors. However, if the chlorine-containing 84 disinfectant, bromine-containing disinfectant, and chlorine dioxide disinfectant are used improperly, they may corrode our Светодиодный дисплей and lamp beads.

Display dust/miscellaneous In order to achieve the best display effect, it is recommended to use an anti-static soft brush to clean the dust on the display surface every month.