Small-pitch LED display procurement bidding indicators

What are the details of the procurement bidding for small-pitch LED displays? For government procurement projects, it is usually explained in terms of bid evaluation methods, procurement requirements and payment methods. Specifically, let’s take a look at the government procurement projects mentioned above, which refer to goods and services, and mainly goods. After analysis, there are four main characteristics of procurement:

1. It is difficult to audit the bidding control price of led screen. First, the commodity parameters of the goods are complex and vary widely, and the prices are mostly the trade secrets of the manufacturers. Second, the products such as pipes and seedlings are affected by factors such as market supply and demand, raw material cost fluctuations, etc., and the market situation is difficult to grasp. Third, the replacement of electronic equipment is relatively fast, which makes the winning prices of similar products lose their reference value. Fourth, some led display manufacturers have formulated regional sales policies, resulting in different prices for the same product in different regions. Fifth, the evaluation basis for service projects such as scientific and technological development is insufficient.

2. The led display screen is easy to form restricted exclusivity. In order to effectively occupy the market, various led screen manufacturers continue to increase their research and development efforts. The products they produce often have unique technical characteristics. The products produced according to the market demand in different regions vary widely. These technical characteristics can be used as control bids. It is more complicated than engineering projects with design specifications and construction standards.

3. more competitive. First, most of the procurement funds are special procurement budgets or special funds from superiors, and the payment progress is good. Second, the conditions for bidders are relatively wide and the entry threshold is low. Third, the later work after winning the bid is simple, the completion time of supply is shorter than that of engineering construction, and the acceptance method and settlement method are also more convenient. Fourth, the way of announcement of government procurement projects is more formal and wider.

4. The evaluation quality of the bid evaluation experts is relatively high. Government procurement bid evaluation experts cover all sectors of society, most of which have rich experience and certain professional knowledge. At the same time, the selection method of bid evaluation experts, the list of experts is strictly confidential before the opening of the bid, which greatly reduces the chance of collusion between procurement parties and bid evaluation experts.

1. Evaluation method

The comprehensive scoring method and the lowest bid price method are two basic bid evaluation methods that are widely used in government procurement at present.

The lowest bid price method is simple and clear, that is, the company makes its own bid, and the bidder with a reasonable and low price wins the bid. The quotation includes: software research and development fee, equipment itself, installation and commissioning fee, transportation fee, labor fee, service fee, tax and all expenses involved in the delivery and use process.

The seven points of the comprehensive comprehensive scoring method scoring standard are quotation, reputation, financial status, performance, technology, service, and the degree of response to bidding documents. The total score is 100 points. When evaluating the bids, various bidders are evaluated according to the scoring criteria, and the bidder with the highest score wins the bid. Among the above scores, “project quotation” generally accounts for about 40 points, and “technical response” generally accounts for about 30 points. These two points are the key to winning the bid or not.

2. Payment

1. Advance payment: After signing the contract, pay 30% of the contract price (after deducting the on-site service fee quotation).

2. Progress payment: 30% of the contract price (quoted after deducting the on-site service fee) will be paid after more than half of the project has been completed or the main equipment has been delivered and the installation and commissioning has been completed.

3. Completion of the project: After the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, the trial operation is normal for 3 months, all report materials are submitted, and after passing the formal acceptance and audit final accounts, 95% of the audit final account amount (deducting the quotation for the on-site service fee) will be paid without interest. Return Party B’s contract performance bond.

4. Final payment: After the end of the free maintenance and warranty period, Party A confirms that it is used normally during this period, and pays the balance.

3. Requirements in LED procurement

The bidding documents will put forward detailed requirements for the products involved in the project, and use this to score the technical response options.

For example, the following situations may be seen in the bidding of small-pitch LEDs:

1. Light source and main parts requirements

The bidding light source adopts gold wire packaged black three-in-one surface mount LED lamp beads;

Pixel pitch ≤1.25mm; LED lamp bead size ≤0.8mm*0.8mm;

The LED pixel out-of-control rate of the bidding product is ≤ 1/100000, and there is no continuous out-of-control point, and the blind spot rate is ≤ 0.00001;

Bidding products need to use high-precision constant current driver chips.

2. Cabinet requirements

The display unit adopts the box-integrated design and HDMI or DVI high-definition universal interface;

The box body is made of aluminum alloy materials such as magnesium aluminum alloy, fanless design, and adopts the natural heat dissipation form of the screen body;

With a standard HDMI or DVI digital interface, the LED display can be directly connected to a standard video processor;

The cabinet has input and loop-through functions for standard high-definition signals, which can loop-through display signals with a resolution of 1920*1080;

The brightness of the display unit of the bidding product is ≥600Nits, and the brightness adjustment is 0~100% infinitely adjustable;

Contrast ≥6000:1; color temperature adjustable from 2500K to 10000K;

Frame changing frequency: 60Hz; refresh rate ≥ 3000Hz;

Horizontal viewing angle: ≥160°; Vertical viewing angle: ≥140°;

Deviation of light-emitting point center distance: ≤3%; luminance uniformity: ≥97%; chromaticity uniformity: ±0.003Cx, within Cy;

Flatness error of the whole screen: ≤0.2mm;

The LED screen display unit module has dual power supply and dual signal redundancy backup technology; it ensures that one signal or power supply will not affect the use of the display screen when it is disconnected;

The cabinet has a display alarm module and has a fault alarm function, which can display the current working status of the cabinet, alarm information, and display the parameters of each component, which is convenient for quick troubleshooting and maintenance in the later stage;

The mean time-to-failure (MTBF) of the bidding products is ≥ 10,000 hours, and the mean time to repair (MTTR) is not more than 15 minutes;

The bidding product has a service life of more than 50,000 hours, has moisture-proof performance, and works normally within the range of RH10% to 90%.

3. Product qualification requirements:

Bidding products for small-pitch LEDs need to provide CCC, CE and FCC certificates issued by authoritative organizations.

Bidding products for small-pitch LEDs need to provide noise detection reports (test distance 1m), electromagnetic radiation disturbance value (<50dB) test reports, power consumption test reports, etc. issued by an authoritative testing agency with CAL and CMA qualification certification marks.

In addition to the requirements for small-pitch LED equipment, there will be clear requirements for the display control system and splicing processor of the supporting equipment. Some owners will also require a set of on-site presentations, and all equipment parts must be samples that are consistent with the bid.

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