Semi-outdoor and full-outdoor LED display the difference

Many people have such needs and want to know what is the difference between semi-outdoor and full-outdoor LED displays?

Here is the difference between outdoor and semi-outdoor that we have collected:

1. When making outdoors, it is filled with glue, then filled with glue, and then put on the kit, while semi-outdoor ones are not filled with glue

2. Outdoors need to be fully waterproof, semi-outdoors do not need waterproofing.

3. The brightness of the outdoor is higher, and the brightness of the semi-outdoor is generally enough.

4. Outdoors are made of fully enclosed boxes, with high protection level; semi-outdoors are mostly made of direct aluminum or simple boxes, with low protection levels

5. Outdoor structures also need to be waterproofed, while semi-outdoor structures do not need to be waterproofed

6. For outdoor use, first consider waterproof and moisture-proof, otherwise the circuit board may be damaged by water;

7. Hanging position, font size, brightness, and reflective brightness must be considered outdoors, or the words on the screen cannot be seen during the day;

8. The impact of high temperature exposure in summer on the LED electronic display screen, take appropriate heat dissipation measures and high temperature resistant LED digital tubes;

9. Screen size, appearance and communication requirements.