LED display | LED screen working principle

One part is P-type semiconductor, which dominates in it, and the other end is N-type semiconductor, which is mainly electrons here. When the two semiconductors are connected, a “P-N junction” is formed between them. When the current acts on the chip through the wire, the electrons and holes recombine, and then energy is emitted in the form of photons, which is the principle of LED light emission. The wavelength of light determines the color of light, which is determined by the material that forms the “P-N junction”. The LED display is composed of multiple light-emitting diodes.


LED display system composition
The system consists of computer-specific equipment, display screen, video input port and system software.
Computer and special equipment: The computer and special equipment directly determine the function of the system, and different types can be selected according to the different requirements of users for the system.
Display screen: The control circuit of the display screen receives the display signal from the computer, drives the LED to emit light to generate a picture, and outputs sound by adding power amplifiers and speakers.
Video input port: Provide video input port, the signal source can be VCR, DVD player, video camera, etc. It supports NTSC, PAL, S_Video and other formats.
System software: Provide special software for LED playback, powerpoint or video playback software.