LED display precautions in high temperature weather

With the arrival of summer, for LED displays, in addition to preventing electric shock, we must also pay attention to the hot weather in summer, especially for outdoor LED displays. In some provinces, the average outdoor temperature in summer sometimes reaches 38° and 35°, and the LED display is still working continuously. What are the risks of the LED display in such a high temperature? Let’s talk about the LED display from three levels. How to solve high temperature training.

1. High-quality materials: LED displays are composed of masks, circuit boards, and bottom shells. The waterproof sealant used for fire-proof, safe and waterproof LED displays is also a key component of LED displays. The mask and bottom shell are all made of PC glass fiber material with flame retardant effect according to the quality certification. The circuit board is sprayed with gray-black conformal paint to avoid weathering and corrosion.
2. Dealing with the problem of heat removal: The larger the total area of the LED display, the greater the power consumption of the application, and the more significant the heat. Coupled with the raging sun in summer, the high temperature outside makes it difficult to remove heat.

Commercial Display

In order to deal with the problem of heat removal, adjustments should be made from the appearance design scheme and internal structure of the LED display screen, and the hollow carved design scheme and high-density high-precision design circuit board should be selected. The interior adopts the macro lens transparent design scheme, which does not cause rain accumulation and does not cause the risk of short circuit of wires. No cooling fan is needed to reduce the load of the LED power supply circuit, and the internal and external are closely combined to achieve the actual effect of high-efficiency heat dissipation.

3. Installation standard: The LED display belongs to the high-power socket, which is prone to short-circuit faults. However, the LED display screen with real quality clearance eliminates the short-circuit fault from the cable to the structure. However, a little negligence and carelessness in the whole process of installation may cause unexpected risks. In order to ensure safety, the manufacturer must guide the installation in detail, ensure the positive and negative connections, ensure that the power circuit is firmly connected, and eliminate flammable items near the LED display. And assign technical professional and technical personnel on time to inspect and inspect the LED display.