LED flexible grid screen application scenarios

1. Building facade/glass curtain wall: The characteristics of the LED grid screen make it almost need no steel structure during installation, so the impact on the surface of the building or glass curtain wall is minimized; the Sober grid screen has light, thin and transparent It not only ensures the lighting and ventilation requirements of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, and windows, but also does not affect the aesthetics of the building.

Corperate Events-4

2. Cultural tourism projects/stage dance beauty: The LED grid screen can be built according to the requirements of cultural tourism projects and diversified stage shapes. The LED screen itself is transparent and thin to produce a strong perspective effect, which makes the depth of field of the entire screen change. It is long, so that the image on the screen and the real scene behind it have a superimposed effect, forming a visual feast that combines the virtual and the real.

Sports outdoor led screen

3. Park Plaza/Science and Technology Exhibition Hall: The flexible customized design of the grid screen can be matched with different shapes and building surfaces. Infrared induction, lighting scene interaction, etc.