What are the characteristics of led flexible grid screen?


1. Customized production of LED grid screen, the combined screen area can be large or small, and the viewing area from a few square meters to tens of thousands of square meters can be easily achieved;

2. The LED Mesh Screen adopts DMX512 or TTL-D2 control scheme, in which a single pixel failure does not affect the following pixels;

3. The module outlet is made of silicone wire with excellent high and low temperature performance, with professional waterproof connector, professionally designed and carefully built fully sealed waterproof structure, the protection level reaches IP67, and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature environments.

4. The installation is efficient and fast, no complicated steel structure is required, and only a small amount of aluminum profiles are used as the upper and lower suspension supports;

Outdoor LED Mesh

5. After-sales maintenance is convenient, each pixel light point and the entire string of light bars of the LED flexible grid screen can be taken out and replaced with new parts separately;

6. Good perspective effect, which makes the image on the screen and the real scene behind have a superimposed effect, forming a visual feast that combines virtual and real, which is like reality and illusion;

7. The display unit is strip-shaped, and the assembly kit is made of professional aluminum type, which can be assembled horizontally, vertically, and obliquely. The display units are connected by waterproof joints.

8. Mainly used for outdoor building curtain wall display, advertising display, cultural and tourism projects, large-scale dance activities and creative lighting in parks and squares.