What is LED grid screen

What is an LED grid screen? LED grid screens are now widely used by the industry as grid-shaped LED displays and as another name. Its form is hollow and web form, and people in the industry also call it grid, hollow screen, etc. This Maipu brilliant LED display is mainly used for outdoor exterior walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, outdoor three-sided mortar, keel billboards, LED curtain walls, etc.

The cross-time design of media façade LED curtain breaks through the traditional LED media façade, and is rapidly applied in the flexibility, choice and various fields of buildings, walls, projects, now check out the powerful large screen installer group applet Media façade Media façade LED mesh screen technology advantages and how it facilitates various projects for the project. Different from the previous LED display, because of the special product architecture, the media facade LED screen has five main technical functions, the media facade LED screen is light in weight and small in wind load.

The light weight is a direct practical experience of the media façade LED screen. The powerful large screen mounted media facade LED mesh has a high wind load capacity as the screen body mesh may allow the LED display to ventilate.


The LED grid screen has high performance and low power consumption. The real energy saving comes from high brightness, high gloss LED and high efficiency power supply. Large LED display screens will inevitably have power consumption problems. Excellent LED display manufacturers will be committed to various energy-saving designs for customers. They have always been committed to serving customers’ attitudes and quality pursuits, including choosing high performance and high quality. LED display.

Highly integrated LED grid screen, highly integrated (internal power supply and receiving card, each device can work independently; power supply and signal one-line connection) multiple proprietary designs, the powerful LED grid screen is beautiful and practical.

LED mesh screen screen for indoor media façade IP67 high protection level, compared to many traditional LED displays, the IP is displayed after the number of the first IP and two data on the protection level. There is no need for a powerful Maipu brilliant large screen to install an enterprise LED grid screen. Because the concept of IP67 is to immerse in water, i.e. install the whole product, this is the difference between dimensions compared to the protection of IP65.

Outdoor media facade LED mesh screen is easy to install, easy to maintain, no steel structure installation, no need for front or rear installation of air conditioners.

LED grid products for outdoor media facades of outdoor media curtain walls After a few years, the powerful large-screen installer technology has reached the initial design level, and the installation is easy, before and after installation; through the natural heat dissipation products that do not require heating, it is possible to get from the real-life Perspective understanding low power consumption, more efficient power efficiency will convert light energy, not heat energy.