What is LED video wall resolution?

What is the resolution of the led display screen?

Taking a 14-inch, 0.dot-pitch monitor as an example, it can display a maximum of 1 point in the horizontal direction and a maximum of 1 point in the vertical direction, so the limit resolution is *. Beyond this mode, adjacent pixels on the screen interfere with each other, blurring image changes instead.

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At present, the point distance mainly has several specifications such as 0.39, 0.31, 0.28, 0.26, 0.24, 0., and the smallest can reach 0. Generally speaking, the combination of small dot pitch and good convergence performance can achieve better display effect.

The relationship between resolution and refresh rate is relatively close. The higher the resolution, the better the performance of the display. The resolution can be divided into CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.; according to the number of horizontal and vertical pixels.

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First of all, the resolution is composed of each small lattice, which can be understood as length x width, and the number of lattices in the length is multiplied by the number of lattices in the width.

How high the resolution needs to be depends on the content to be displayed. The higher the resolution, the more data that can be displayed. In short, the picture quality is better. Resolution, also known as resolution, resolution, can be subdivided into display resolution, image resolution, print resolution and scan resolution. Typically, the higher the resolution of an image, the more pixels it contains, the sharper the image and the better the print quality. At the same time, it will also increase the storage space occupied by the files.