What is LED video wall ?

Introduction to LED Video Wall

LED video wall is a new type of imaging electronic device made of light emitting diodes arranged in sequence. Because of its high brightness, wide viewing angle, long life and other characteristics, it is being widely used in outdoor advertising screens and other products.

LED video walls are generally used to display various information such as text, images, videos, and video signals. The elegant appearance, smooth display screen, and delicate color expression can add a new vitality to the environment and set up a moving landscape. Now it has become the first choice for corporate publicity.

LED video wall principle

The main controller of the LED video wall converts the signal of the computer display card into the data and control signal format required by the LED video wall. The main controller obtains the brightness data of each color of each pixel on a screen from the computer display card, and then distributes them to several scanning boards. Each scanning board is responsible for controlling several rows/columns on the LED video wall, and the LEDs on each row/column display The signal is serially transmitted through each display control unit in the bank, and each display control unit directly faces the LED display body. The display control unit is generally composed of a shift register latch with a gray level control function. On the one hand, the scanning panel receives the video signal from the main controller, on the other hand, it transmits the data belonging to its own level to its own display control units, and at the same time transmits the data that does not belong to the corresponding level to the next cascaded scanning panel. The difference between video signal and LED display data in space, time, sequence, etc. requires a scanning board to coordinate.

The role of LED video wall

1. Play the role of product promotion and attract customers.

2. Play the role of storefront decoration and improve enterprise grade.

3. Play the role of lighting and unconventional.

4. Play the role of popularizing knowledge, and can be used to broadcast small information about enterprise products and knowledge about related industries.

5. Play the role of bulletin board, such as promotion, recruitment information release.

6. Play the role of setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, we can play the welcome words of superior leaders and various VIPs who come to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals, etc.

LED Video Wall Application Scenarios

1. Business publicity and information display in service fields such as postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls and shopping centers.

2. Dispatching command center information display, power dispatching. Vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height adjustment management, etc., are also gradually adopting high-density LED video walls.

3. Securities trading and financial information show that LED video walls in this field accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand for LED video walls in the past few years, and there is still a large demand at present.

4. New advertising media products. In addition to outdoor LED video walls as advertising media, cluster LED video wall advertising systems, train LED display advertising release systems, etc. have also been adopted and are being promoted.

5. Display of dynamic flight information at the airport. Civil aviation airport construction has very clear requirements for accommodation display, and LED video wall is the first choice for flight accommodation display system FIDS.

6. Passenger guidance information display at port stations. The information system and broadcasting system with LED display as the main body, the train arrival and departure display system, and the ticketing information system together constitute the automation system of the passenger transport hub.

7. Information display of sports venues. As the main means of game information display and game live broadcast, LED video wall has replaced traditional lighting and CRT display screens, and has become a necessary game facility in modern stadiums.

8. Road traffic guidance information display application display screen. The rise of the Intelligent Service System (ITS) has brought great benefits to cities. Highways and other areas. LED display folks are widely used as variable information boards, speed limit signs, etc.

9. Performances and rallies. Large-scale LED video walls are increasingly used for live video broadcasting for public and political purposes, such as the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In major festivals such as the new millennium celebrations around the world, large LED video walls have played an outstanding role in broadcasting live broadcasts and releasing advertising information.

10. Exhibitions. As one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers, LED video wall large screens provide paid services to exhibitors.