What is mini led display?

In the field of optoelectronics, LED is a semiconductor diode that can convert electrical energy into light energy, including gallium arsenide LED (red light), gallium phosphide LED (green light), gallium nitride LED (blue light) and so on. Mini LED, on the other hand, refers to an LED chip with a size of 50-micron, which is between small-pitch LED and Micro LED.

what is mini led display?

As a type of LED technology, Mini LED can greatly improve the performance of LCD panels, featuring high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and wide color gamut, and is lighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient. At present, products using Mini LED technology on the market cover large-size TVs, high-end monitors, notebook computers and tablets.

what is mini led display?

The structure of the traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) mainly includes two parts: a liquid crystal panel and a backlight module. pixel points to complete the function of image display.

The traditional LCD screen will be equipped with LED backlight, but the screen backlight often only supports unified adjustment, and cannot adjust the brightness of a certain area separately. Even if a small number of LCD screens support backlight partition adjustment, the number of backlight partitions is very limited.

what is mini led display?

Mini LED backlight technology can be regarded as an upgraded version of traditional LCD screens. The LED backlight beads can be made very small, so that more backlight beads can be integrated on the same screen, which can be divided into more fine backlight partitions , which is also an important difference between Mini LED backlight technology and traditional LCD screens.