What is the difference between RPC, LED, and LCD splicing walls?

Splicing display products are widely used in various industries, helping to upgrade the visualization of electric power, energy, national defense, finance, transportation and other fields, accurately presenting big data and network, and assisting agile decision-making. Then, among the three common types of splicing display technologies on the market: RPC, LED, and LCD, which one is the best choice for your application scenario?

Today, we will introduce to you the respective advantages and characteristics of RPC, LED, and LCD to help you make the most suitable decision.

1. RPC is mature and stable, strong internally and externally

RPC (Rear Projection Display Unit) has mature technology and stable system, and is widely used in many industries. Leading the market since the early 1990s, you can choose from a variety of sizes and resolutions.

RPC applicable scenarios:

Emergency command and monitoring center and control room operating 7×24 hours

Continuous use for 10 years without modification

Strict requirements for stability and reliability

Focus on long-term comfort

Can be upgraded in the future without rebuilding

There are extremely high requirements for green environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving

It has high requirements for image presentation and requires ultra-high resolution

Extensive color gamut and accurate restoration

The widest color gamut can reach 170% Rec.709, excellent color performance, high degree of restoration, and the highest color performance among the three display technologies. With a high gray scale threshold, the grid map and small text can be displayed delicately. Anti-environmental light interference, the picture presentation is almost not affected by the outside world.

Stable operation and long life

All core components have multiple redundancy, the light source part is 16-24 times redundant, and a fully enclosed liquid circulation cooling system is adopted, which is very suitable for long-term use. At the beginning of the design, all electronic components meet the 7×24 hours and 10-year service life standard, and can be used for movement Upgrading greatly prolongs the service life (it can be upgraded after 8-10 years). Green BOX and Sense X can complete the color and brightness correction of the screen in just a few seconds, making maintenance simple and easy.

Peace of mind, eye protection, energy saving and emission reduction

No electromagnetic radiation, no pollution, no blue light damage, with 30 years of global safety verification. The picture is comfortable for the eyes, and it will not hurt the eyes after long-term viewing, which is in line with the concept of ergonomics. Ultra-low power consumption can meet your needs for energy saving and emission reduction, and build a green and low-carbon equipment energy-saving system for you.

2. Bright colors of LED screen, smart deployment

In recent years, the number of LED installations in the market has shown explosive growth, which is very hot. The LED display series product lineup meets various needs from outdoor to indoor LED screens, LED heterosexual screens, LED grid screens, from LED rental screens to fixed projects.

LED applicable scene:

Plan to use about 10 years

The pursuit of shocking display effect

need a clear and bright picture

Expect to save space

Pursue excellent picture quality and detail presentation

Bright and seamless visual shock

The display content is true and consistent. The picture is not only bright and bright, but also has high contrast, and can capture image details to the greatest extent. Even low-brightness image content can restore details, which can meet users’ needs for high-quality images. The upcoming TruePix is equipped with Barco’s unique video processing platform InfinipixTM Gen2, which adopts intelligent calibration methods and supports wide color gamut Rec.2020/2100. In terms of technology, through die-casting molding technology and high-precision processing, the module splicing is very smooth, achieving a seamless look and feel.

Smart deployment saves space

The automatic balance design and displacement insertion method combine intelligent engineering and automation to realize risk-free installation and ensure the smoothness of the video wall. The operation and maintenance module is small and compact, and can be installed on the wall to reduce space occupation.

3. LCD instant enjoy 8K+, consistent splicing

From the professional market to the consumer market, it has a wide range of adaptability, multiple screen size options, high cost performance, and simple and efficient splicing installation.

LCD application scenarios:

The most cost-effective 8K solution

Planning to use for 5-7 years

Large-scale splicing installation

Medium-sized control room, command center, conference room

Clear, Complete, Highly Consistent

It has the advantages of high resolution, accurate color reproduction, and wide viewing angle. Single screen and multiple screens are highly consistent, and the screen can easily achieve a high-quality overall sense. The ultra-wide viewing angle allows you to see the screen display clearly in all directions, no matter in the front or side direction.

Advanced Design Looking to the Future

UniSee series supports 8K image display, which meets the future development trend of visualization. Even if the quality requirements of the displayed content are gradually improved, the imaging effect is still online at all times.

More diverse technical paths, richer product types, using professional technical reserves to build and improve product lines, to meet the individual needs of different scenarios. It will also continue to explore and innovate in high-end application fields to help you make quick decisions and maximize value.

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