XR LED display for filming and TV productions


LED panels have been proved to be an ideal solution for virtual reality on filming and TV productions, immersive and high dynamic backgrounds are available simply by using LED walls, which improved dramatically the efficiency and cost for productions. Compared with traditional green screen, XT background LED walls create maximum flexibility for production team to achieve their creative ideas.

XR virtual studio is mainly composed of LED ceiling screen, LED walls and LED floor screen, equipped with camera, media server and rendering software to get target pictures and videos, background contents can be switched, adjusted and modified easily and quickly, which improve the on-site working efficiency, save a lot of time and costs for productions.

Customized LEDs applied for XR LED displays, wide color gamut DCI-P3(>95%) and large viewing angle ensuring excellent color uniformity and rich color depth, no color difference even at extreme viewing angles; Up to 7680Hz refresh rate, smooth images and videos achieved without flickering or scan lines even under HD camera shooting.